Silly String


The monthly theme at my church for March is Joy.  What to do with joy? With happiness? With Fun?   There’s a lot to take into consideration when presenting joy as your spiritual theme, not the least of which is that depression is an epidemic in our society. Anything that encourages people to just look on the bright side, cheer up, change their attitude or other similar things won’t cut it.  Beyond depression, the weakness of prosperity theology of any stripe needs to be avoided as does The Secret’s approach to the “power of intention.” There’s also the state of the world to consider with a lot of legitimate things to drag anyone down any given day such as racism in America fifty years past Selma, religious fundamentalists trying to legalize homophobia, the critical state of our environment, and the widening gap between the haves and the have nots. The list goes on and it’s oppressive.   Our culture also seems to make an idol of happiness with “the pursuit of happiness” being so written upon our societal DNA that something’s wrong with you if you are not happy. So what did I come up with to introduce joy?

 Silly String.  Yup, Silly String…and the Muppets.

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