Fidelity Investments bans liberal web site

In a post on his blog Daily Kos today,  Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, reports that Fidelity Investments is banning access to the blog DailyKos by their employees.  This was reported by a Fidelity employee and when contacted Fidelity put the blame on an outside service that monitors web access for them.  Lame.

Fidelity Investments is the firm that manages the  UUA’s retirement plan.

I used the email link provided by Kos and wrote Mr. Vincent Loporchio, the Fidelity spokesperon explaining that I have retirement funds with Fidelity and I don’t approve of the practice of selecting web sites to block based on political content.

Fidelity contact info:

Vincent Loporchio, spokesman:
Other Fidelity contact information here.

If you are a customer, let them know (politely) that you’d like them to rethink their stance on blocking this site.

As Kos notes in the P.S. to his post, if a workplace wants to block web sites, especially because surfing kills productivity – fine, but block all sites or all blogs alike, don’t selectively block sites due to selective political content.

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