From Cacophany to Choir

I just got back from the State House on Beacon Hill where I took part in the UU Mass Action Network‘s 2nd Annual Lobby Day.   I was part of a delegation that visited Speaker of the House Sal DiMasi’s office to deliver over 500 signatures from the Massachusetts Interfaith Climate Action Network urging support for The Global Warming Solutions Act.   The signatures referenced both the current legislation and the MICAN Pledge. After that, I visited the office of my own representative to deliver information and urge support for the Global Warming Solutions Act and to ask for her support in funding the recommendations of the Special Commission Relative to Ending Homelessness in the Commonwealth in the FY 09 budget including funding of the Commission Retention Account in the amount of $10 million and increased funding for the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (up from the $29.9 million in FY 08).  A minimum of $ 36 million is needed just to maintain the current level of vouchers already in use by low income families and individuals.  Raising the funding to $50 million will create an additional 2,000 housing opportunities.

We were a small but mighty force and I hope that next year there will be more of us, especially ministers.  I hope more of my colleagues make it part of their ministry to be there in years to come.

If you live in Massachusetts you can still help.  Please contact you legislators and urge them to support the Recommendations of the Special Commission to End Homelessness and to back that support with funding in the FY 09 budget by funding the Commission Retention Account in the amount of $10 million.    Let your legislator know that you and 60 groups around the state are asking for an increase in funding for the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program from $29 million to at least $36 million and preferably $50 million.

Ask your state representative especially to support Senate Bill 2531, The Global Warming Solutions Act.  The senate version of this bill is stronger than the house version.  If you are ambitious contact Speaker Sal DiMasi’s office and urge the speaker to bring this bill before the house before the session ends this summer.

Here’s how to find your elected officials in Massachusetts:

Contact Speaker DiMasi’s office.

State House
Room 356
State House
Boston, MA 02133
Telephone: 617-722-2500
Facsimile: 617-722-2008

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