Cashing in on the Hawkmoon Ad

Thanks to Tensegrities for drawing attention to Rosanne Cash’s essay in today’s New York Times for this description of Christian Fundamentalism from a friend of the singer:

“looking at the ground with a flashlight when the whole universe was around you waiting to be noticed.”

Yet, I really like Cash’s description of God that follows and how it connects to the UUA’s new “Hawkmoon” Ad.

Walking to the beach later, I was thinking about how my own idea of God was so mutable, and that even though I pray, most of the time I haven’t a clue to whom I’m praying.

And I like it that way. Sometimes God is Art, Music and Children and that is more than good enough. Ruminating on these things, I thought of a phrase — “the pantheon of my religious desires” — and I wrote it in my notebook. That line is probably too sophomore-English-major precious, but this is how songs begin for me. Sometimes.

If you can say, “Amen” to that. If you can witness to that. A UU congregation just might be for you. In fact, if you can sing along with God as art, music, children, then there’s a UU choir that needs and wants your voice. Can I get witness?

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