UU Tube

Writing a blog is feeling almost passe. It’s a YouTube world now. About the only reason I don’t make and post video is that I don’t own a video camera. A low end device is in my future. I can feel it coming on. Especially since I feel it is a must have evangelism tool to get sermons and services on local cable television and on the Net.

Just as blogging turned everyday citizens into reporters and commentators, many with more insight than traditional media and opened the door to many voices the mainstream media left out, the YouTube revolution is doing the same with video.

I can’t recommend highly enough Peter Bowden’s UU Planet at http://www.uuplanet.tv
This is YouTube for Unitarian Universalists. UUTube, if you will.

The purpose and goals of UU Planet (from the About page of the website):

1)to make it easier for newcomers to our faith to sit down and explore what we are all about,

2)to make it easier for existing Unitarian Universalists to show their friends and colleagues the same — all without having to sort through the mass of unrelated videos on Youtube, and

3) to get people excited about UU TV. I hope that this site will get UU’s interested in high quality television production for the masses.

And Kudos for the disclaimer as well:

The videos featured on this site do not represent the views of all Unitarian Universalists, our congregations, our ministers, our leaders — and certainly not me. Together they portray the range of ideas, values and beliefs contained within the larger movement of Unitarian Universalism.

Not only will you find the Voice of a Liberal Faith video and the now famous (infamous) purple alien video, and the You’re a Uni-what? video, but a lot more, submitted from various folks from around our movement. If you haven’t yet discovered UU Planet do check it out and if you’re working with video in our movement and haven’t used this as place to distribute your work, please consider doing so.

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