Emerging Universalism

What would an Emergent liberal congregation look like?  A lot like Micah’s Porch in Chicago.  David Pyle at Celestial Lands posted about it back in February.  Be sure to read the comments on the post, especially the comment by David Owen O’Quill, the founding pastor of Micah’s Porch, some of which reads:

Micah’s Porch is almost less of a church and more of a nomadic tribe. Our quest is a new exodus except the wilderness we are lost in is an urban, postmodern, individualist, consumerist environment. The empire is no longer Rome, but a global corporate kingdom that promises salvation and delivers emptyness and destruction.

Right now many of our churches have grown so used to a certain liberal, academic, npr-listening, Mary Oliver-reading, religion-from-childhood-rejecting sub-culture that the culture itself is often confused with Unitarianism, Universalism, and the ever ambiguous Unitarian Universalism. For many it is very hard to see our faith outside of this context because the culture has become the faith.

The way to grow and revitalize our UU congregations isn’t going to be found in a marketing campaign because the people we are hoping to attract are sick and tired of being marketed, sick and tired of advertising.  They do however surf the web, they are social networkers, and they want community.  They also want communities committed to taking action in the world on behalf human need.  They want to make a difference in the world.

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