Images of a Call

Before heading down to Southlake, TX for candidating week our family sent this photo to the congregation:

Gone to Texas

Pathways is a congregation full of ideas and energy.


I talked with the congregation during an open forum after the first Sunday’s worship.


There were many less formal meetings with members of the congregation as well.

forums 2

During the congregations Wednesday Night Salon, a time for many different activities, including Buddhist meditation, book group, and a Metaphysics and Mystics group, Zack played Mah-Jong.


During candidating week I led worship, of course. This is the story for young people during the second Sunday. To my right is the Service Leader, Cameron. The Common Ground service at Pathways is led not just by the minister, but also by the service leader who assists with welcoming, Chalice lightings, announcements, closing words, and as you can see here, the children’s story. Another nice aspect of worship at Pathways is that some of the Service Leaders are high school youth like Cameron. Note the multi-media projection on the wall, the absence of an organ and the guitars on the stage. Pathways just rocks!

Children\'s Story

Tina and I danced to Let it Be a Dance during the closing song at the end of the second Sunday’s service.

Let it be a Dance

Let it be a dance, let it be a dance, let it be a dance…

(Many thanks to Beth Wasson for the candidating week photos!)

2 thoughts on “Images of a Call

  1. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you that week at all. The kids were taking turns getting sick. We’re looking forward to having you at Pathways!

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