Local Teen Saves World

I’ll be leaving Leominster, Massachusetts soon, but stories like this one, reported in weekly newspaper The Leominster Champion are what really make me proud of a community. They have nothing to do with the local high school football team (as storied as it might be, playing the 3rd oldest Thanksgiving Day football game int he country) or a military service person returning from Iraq (as much as such service deserves support and recognition).

No, this one gets me because it brings together the things that really make me tick: supporting our young people, service to those in need, and religious motivation.

Shari Davis, you chastise me. You call me to be my best self. I am sad that I wasn’t self aware enough at the age you are now nor aware enough about the world as you are now to do what you are doing with your life now. Instead I do what I can now. So should we all.

I want to say this is Tikkun Olam – healing the world, but it is more:

As a post-biblical term, tikkun olam neither appears in a prophetic book nor constitutes one of the mitzvot. However, as this concept has come to be equated both with a general call to justice, and with specific philanthropic and volunteer activities, the definition of tikkun olam has been merged with those of tzedakah (financial support of the poor), g’milut hasadim (acts of loving kindness), and tzedek (justice). http://www.zeek.net/706tohu/

There have to be more people like Shari Davis around. I want to meet more of them. The world needs as many of them as can be found.

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