"1913" on the way to dustbin, but not wedge issues

The very last barrier to any form of inequality related to the right to get married in Massachusetts is on its way to the circular file of history at last.  The law dates from 1913 and prevents Massachusetts from issuing marriage licenses to out of state couples whose marriages would be illegal in their state of origin. The law was designed to keep interracial couples from crossing state lines to marry in Massachusetts and was revived by that defender of human dignity, Mitt Romney, in 2004 to prevent members of the gay and lesbian community from coming to Massachusetts to get married.   A bill overturning the “1913” law passed the Mass state senate unanimously on a voice vote this week and is expected to pass the house and be signed by Governor Patrick.  It’s about time.   See the Boston Globe Report.

I wish the entire concept of gay marriage as a wedge issue would go to the dustbin as nicely as the 1913 law is going this month.  But, sadly, no.  Sisyphus is noted a couple weeks ago that  Steve Benen at the Carpetbagger Report was calling attention to Senate Republicans once again putting forth the idea of a Federal Constitutional amendment to protect marriage.  “Protect marriage from what is unsaid but clear: gay people.”  Alas.

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