Back from the Black Hole of Cyber Space

Due to poor communication with customer service reps with not one but two Internet / Web hosting companies and billings issues that I thought were resolved ( I did have receipts, after all).  The domain EXPIRED (really, I have a receipt saying the registration had been transfered and renewed, so I believed the new hosting company when they told me to ignore renewal emails from the old hosting company).

After two days of phone calls, emails, speaking with billing reps and customer service with two companies, and having to lay out $70 to get my domain name out of “auction”, I am back.  And to think, I went off of blogspot so I’d have more control of my own site.  Maybe I just need my own server?

Anyway, I am back.  Just having read Desmond Tutu’s No Future Without Forgiveness, which I must share some thoughts about and having started writing an intro for a second blog, yes a second blog.  I initially started this blog to write about politics/social justice, spirituality and popular culture, but have increasingly become interested in issues related to church growth and vitality, so…I am thinking of starting a second blog just for that topic – the title – Lone Star Chalice.  Perhaps, I will cross post the first few church growth entries… If you read, let me know what you think.

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