Big Victory for Net Neutrality – FCC Chair does the right thing

In a landmark decision, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin and Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein approved a bipartisan “enforcement order” that would require Comcast to stop blocking and publicly disclose its methods for manipulating Internet traffic

Yet, this campaign for Net Neutrality won’t be over until there is federal legislation safeguarding Net Neutrality along with some procedures to enforce the law and watch the telecommunications industry. In the wake of the tele-coms getting a pass for spying on Americans, this is far from a sure thing. I strongly encourage you to support Net Neutrality and to contact your federal representatives and the FCC. See Save the Internet for news and action items.

In his statement, Martin compared Comcast’s blocking practices to allowing the post office to discriminate against mail “Would you be OK with the post office opening your mail, deciding they didn’t want to bother delivering it, and hiding that fact by sending it back to you stamped ‘address unknown – return to sender?’” he asked. “Or if they opened letters mailed to you, decided that because the mail truck is full sometimes, letters to you could wait, and then hid both that they read your letters and delayed them?”

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