North Texas UU Ministers quoted in Dallas Voice coverage of Knoxville

The Dallas Voice ran a long front page story this week on TVUUC and has the story on “top headlines” on its webpage. Rev. Laurel Hallman of First UU in Dallas and Rev. Dennis Hamilton of Horizon UU in Carrollton are quoted in the coverage.

…The Rev. Dennis Hamilton and the Rev. Laurel Hallman said they wouldn’t be cowed into abandoning the kind of liberal theology and policies that apparently spurred the hatred that police say led to the shooting.

“There is a coming together of this community [of Unitarians] in solidarity and love and support that is quite extraordinary,” said

Hallman, senior minister at First Unitarian Church of Dallas, during a telephone interview Wednesday, July 30. “I haven’t heard one person in the church saying, ‘We’d better be careful.’ We are committed to the dignity of every person. Every person is a child of God.

“That is a deep commitment. We’re not going to back off that,” she said.

The Rev. Dennis Hamilton, senior pastor of Horizon UU Church in Carrollton, also spoke of the denomination’s “history of being in the forefront of social reform and human rights and peace issues. We are a very progressive church, a church that walks the talk.”

Hamilton also said he believes that the denomination has “what I think is probably the largest percentage of gay or transgendered ministers.”

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