Hats off to Mayor for Eating Locally

I have to admit I was surprised and also impressed to read this article in the local free weekly, (my last issue) the Leominster Champion about Mayor Dean Mazzarella of Leominster engaging in locavorism experiment.  I even emailed him suggestions as he asks for in the article.  It might be easier to eat locally in Leominster, MA if folks like the Mayor favored economic policies that encouraged sustainable living instead of moving in more box stores in what once used to be farm land and apple orchards, but I am quibbling.  Good for him for going this far with what he is doing, and I encourage him to further explore it.  More Sholan Farms, less Lowe’s and Home Depot.  Can you get locally grown apples in Texas?

One thought on “Hats off to Mayor for Eating Locally

  1. You probably could as there are varieties that grow here but I don’t see many of them around. That’s not to say there aren’t any at farmer’s markets but apple season is around the corner so maybe. If I see any, I’ll let you know where. We’re planning on starting some dwarf apple trees in the front yard next spring.

    If you’re ever wanting some great, fat, local pecans, which you will, James’s grandmother has many trees and sells the pecans for a living. She’s in the DFW area.

    We’re looking forward to having a settled minister!

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