My brother rocks better than your brother

Unless your brother is Paul Westerberg or someone. My brother and his mates rockin’ back in the Bay State (review from clicky clicky music blog) :

In the top supporting slot for the night was recently resuscitated Massachusetts power-pop quartet Lump, who turned in a surprisingly sludgy and rocking set. We’re not sure if all the sludge was intentional, as the sound guy was inattentive enough at first to leave guitarist Rock’s (no surname for Mr. Rock) mic out of the mix for the first few numbers. In reviewing our pictures from the night (flickr set here) we were amused to see that between the rocking out, the shorts and the lighting that Lump reminded us a little of Helmet, visually. In reality Lump is sonically more akin to bands like Small 23. We aren’t overly familiar with Lump’s repertoire, but we showed up hoping to hear the classics “13” and “Tatters” and we weren’t disappointed. And closer “Primrose” was an immaculate noisefest that hope to witness again sometime soon. Lump is writing new material and aims to cut a new record as soon as it has enough new material to fill it. For now, head over to the foursome’s MySpace dojo to stream the musical goodness.

And you missed ’em Texas because they played SxSW last year. Somewhere, sometime during the week in Austin.

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