Second Slots and Conventions

Ever since I ran for Lt. Governor in MA as the Green Party’s candidate in 2002, I have had an increased interest in the running mate selection process of presidential elections.  I remember being called by the Jill Stein campaign and being asked if I would consider being considered as a Lt. Governor candidate (in Massachusetts the two offices appear on the ballot as a ticket, although the two candidates have to file separate nominating papers and separate nominating signatures, – 10,000 of them – with the Secretary of the Commonwealth). I was vetted as much as it happened at that level and I know that I was asked to run as much because of my profession (scripture and ethics teacher at a Catholic high school – at that time) and my geographic location ( I lived in the central part of the state and other potential running mates were Boston area easterners like the gubernatorial candidate as for any other reason.  Still, I thought I could offer as much as anyone and with enough naivete for the entire campaign staff, I jumped in.   

Throughout the 2004 elections I found the choosing of the Vice Presidential slot fascinating (and disappointing) in John Edwards, but have become very good friends with the Green Party’s VP choice of that year, Pat LaMarche.  I’d rather not comment on Dick Cheney.

This year is even more interesting with both Democrats and Republicans having to choose Veeps.  I was hoping for Obama to go with a woman.  Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas was my choice, but I completely understand was even expecting Joe Biden.  I expect McCain to pick Mitt Romney which I think will be a huge mistake.  Romeny comes with too many negatives and now with the selection of Biden, well, let’s just say, I can’t see Mitt holding his own with Joe Biden on the campaign trail. For Goddess sake Jill Stein tore up Mitt in our campaign in 2002, and she was doing it on the fly on her first campaign.  I’m feeling sorry for  Mitt if he has to deal with Joe Biden for two months.  I was bummed out that the press ran with a leak of the Biden pick before I got my text message from the Obama campaign and then I never got my text message. Hmmph!

The Dems have started their convention and the timing coincided with Zack starting school.  While Zack hung around the house yesterday after his first day in Texas public schools (more blogging on that once we have more days to evaluate by), we had the convention on CNN and into prime time.  The Dems seem to be doing it right for the first time since 1992 (although I was never a big fan of the Clintons).  The music has been great.  John Legend and the Agape Choir were kinda wow! By contrast the Charlie Daniels Band is playing the Republican National Convention Next Week. The Charlie Daniels Band hits include What this Country Needs is a Few More Rednecks – Is that a voter registration ploy or is someone at the RNC really out to lunch?

The crowd at the DNC ooks like America, black, brown, yellow and white, (I can’t wait to see how white the Republican convention looks by comparison, If RNC folks are paying attention, they’d better do something about that), and  all the right themes are being hit in traditional Dem fashion – we’re in touch, Republicans are not; we get your economic pain, they don’t; we can end ridiculous wars and keep us safe, while re-establishing America’s good name and moral authority, they can’t.

Many of the first day speakers, including Nancy Pelosi didn’t thrill me, however two serious ready for prime time players hit major home runs: Jesse Jackson, Jr and Michelle Obama.  The potential next First Lady’s speech is available in audio at NPR here and on video at the DNC site here.

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