No More Second Fiddle!….?

Sisyphus wrote an interesting post, as usual quoting from interesting sources, about abolishing the Vice-Presidency.  This caught my attention because while running for Lt. Governor in MA in 2002 I thought that if the incredible happened and our Green Party ticket were elected, I would push for an amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution abolishing my own office.  Why? It doesn’t really need to exist. It has hardly any constitutional duties except for chairing the Governor’s Council, which is a purely advisory, although elected board (I’m sure they could elect a chair from amongst their own) and covering for the Governor should extreme circumstances make it necessary (couldn’t the Speaker of the House do that? Heck in Massachusetts, the person in that role always thinks they’re the Governor anyway.)

Sisyphus’ post makes some similar claims for the role of the Vice-President of the United States.  Althought that tie-breaking vote in the Senate is nice, but how about if that went to the President or say, a registered voter chosen at random?  I know, I’m getting silly. But really…

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