New Game Lets Players Evolve

Sarah Palin won’t like SPORE. Neither will anyone else who thinks the Biblical account of creation should be taught in public school science classes. Players guide their creatures through evolutionary development from cells to civilization to space exploration. It’s not playing God, it’s playing Darwin.  Spore is designed by the Team responsible for The Sims and features music by U2 producer Brian Eno.

Spore’s  Wikipedia entry features this

Reviews universally expressed amazement of Spore‘s grand scope and attention to detail. IGN Australia awarded Spore a 9.2 of 10 score, saying, “It [Spore] will make you acknowledge just how far we’ve come, and just how far we have to go, and Spore will change the way you think about the universe we live in.”

Each evolutionary stage and the decisions made within it, determine the playing field for the next evolutionary phase. When your organism evolves from tribal to civilization you must make choice about whether or not to dominate or unite your planet.  I sense Religious Education potention, not to metion required playing for all members of congress and members of the executive branch.

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