SxSFenway – Let's Go Red Sox!

That phrase is followed by clap-clap, clap-clap-clap.  And just about everyone at the Ballpark in Arlington knew it, because well, it was a home crowd on the road for the Sox last night as the Nation was out in force in Texas to watch the Sox drub the Rangers 8-1 behind a stellar just-off-the DL performance from Josh Becket and a first-at-bat-off-the-DL home run from Mike Lowell.

This doesn’t look like Fenway:

But the people inside sure acted like it was Fenway.

A nice gentleman sitting next to Tina wearing a Rangers cap remarked that, “If you Red Sox fans weren’t here, there’d only be 5,000 people in the place.  It’s a Friday night in September in Texas and the Rangers haven’t played a meaningful game in September in the 21st century.”  No arguing that.

The Rangers didn’t help their own cause with a bunch of fielding errors, but I made the worst one of the night.  Jonathan Papelbon was fielding batting practice and tossing ball after ball into the stands in right field where we were sitting and one went…right…off…my….fingertips.  No excuses:  E-Rev.  The ball ended up in the hands of little girl —- wearing a Rangers cap (oh just add insult to injury and pour salt in the wound.)  Justin Masterson, fielding a lot balls in right with Papelbon, made sure a lot of balls ended up in the hands of youngsters, which was very cool and both pitchers signed quite a few of them.

Pap threw me the ball and I blew the save.

I used to be amazed while watching the Sox on TV at all the Sox fans who showed up at away games, turning other teams’ ballparks into home games on the road.  Now I’ve been there and been a part of that.  I used to smile at the what I considered somewhat obnoxious and arrogant Sox fans being so ostentatious about being members of Red Sox Nation in the home stadium of some poor mediocre team, now I guess I’ve become one of them.  It’s just that there were so many of us, it wasn’t an in your face gesture, we were at a home game out of state.  Makes you think, though, what it feels like to be a Texas Ranger. Can’t feel as good as it does to be one of the Boston Red Sox. Just Can’t. Nope.

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