Truth or Dare …you to fact check

There is much that Sarah Palin and I would disagree about were we to debate (and I have been a part of live and televised political debates).  Some of these things include creationism being included in public schools, the war in Iraq being a task given from God, the death penalty, abortion, and gay rights.

Yet I also believe it’s incredibly important to get the story straight on exactly where a person stands on the issues and what the facts are behind stories that surface around someone’s political and personal record when they run for office.  The Palin stories are being both deminished by those who support her and sensationalized by those who oppose her.

The Boston Globe has an interesting feature on the web today Sarah Palin…true or false? Photo by photo it takes on a Palin storyline and parses the underlying facts.

For example, Did Sarah Palin ever ban books as Mayor of Wasilla?

Well, no. According to The New York Times, after her election Palin approached the town librarian about the possibility of banning some books, but never followed through on the idea.

Now, even wanting to ban books or even considering the idea is bad enough for me, but let’s at least get the story right about her.

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