Vigil for GLBT Rights a Success in Texas

Our congregation participated in Seven Straight Nights for Equal Rights this week by hosting a vigil for straight people in support of GLBT rights in Southlake, TX last night.  The event was covered by the local press with the Fort Worth Star Telegram running this story and photo.  I think their reporter undercounted our attendance by about a dozen, but that’s quibbling.  It was an important event, turnout was fantastic, the weather was beautiful and community support if not, well supportive, was at least not negative.

The need for such activism was highlighted this past week when last Friday in Austin according to an update emailing from Equality Texas:

Jason Daley of Austin was brutally attacked while riding the bus in the middle of the day – just for being gay.  Knocked unconscious with a deep gash over his eye, the perpetrator ran off the bus while the driver continued on her route.

Fortunately, Jason will recover from his injuries.  Unfortunately, despite the gay slurs and the physical attack, Jason may not see justice for the hate crime committed against him.

Since passage of the James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Act in 2001, there have been 1,862 hate crimes reported. However, only nine (9) prosecutions have occurred under the Act.

See the KVUE coverage of the Daley story here.

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