Boss to play Super Bowl: Set list to depend on Election Nov. 4

The Boss has been confirmed as the half-time entertainer for this year’s Super Bowl in Tampa, FL.  It’s enough to make me forget about the loss of Tom Brady for the season.  If there weren’t an election Novvember 4 and the country were not facing war abroad and financial crisis at home, I’d be more certain of Bruce’s set list for the Super Bowl.  Give Bruce and the E Street Band a non-election year and even slightly less trying times, you might get The Rising, Radio Nowhere, The Detroit Medley, and Born to Run with the stadium lights on.

But with the current situation and given Bruce’s politics I’m thinking you’ll get a slightly different set depending on who wins the election in November.  Should McCain win, I think you’ll get Badlands, Youngstown, Last to Die, Devils and Dust or some such combination.   If Obama wins I think you’ll hear  Land of Hope and Dreams, Promised Land, Mary’s Place, Girls in their Summer Clothes, Born to Run or something in that vein.

You’ll also hear a brief commentary about the state of the union.  It won’t be much, but I’ll bet he comments on it.

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