I've had it with the McCain Campaign

And it has nothing to do with their position on the issues.  Actually, I’d like to hear the McCain campaign stick to the issues, but all McCain and his supporters seem interested in is hate and anger.  Is it just fear of the unknown? Is it just fear of something new and different? Is it just plain fear in uncertain times? With war, the economy, the environment – it all can seem to be going to hell in a handbasket.

Whatever the reason, trying to paint your black opponent as someone to be afraid of because of his name, his religion (supposedly Muslim, but actually Christian), and his ties to terrorism (once being on board with a sixties radical isn’t nearly as bad as supporting American torture policies, but I’m quibbling) is turning rallies into misinformation sessions that fan the flames of fear and anger – and have nothing to do with the issues.

Write the McCain campaign and ask them to stop the fear and hate mongering and stick to the issues. Here’s the link for their web site contact page.

These videos were shot at McCain – Palin rallies in OH and PA.  I find them completely disturbing.  I don’t what I find the most disturbing about them – that the McCain-Palin supporters are so angry or that they are so misinformed and ignorant (where have they been the last two years? Under a rock?)

If you want to support John McCain, fine – but do it because you agree with his vision of how the country and the world should be,  not because you (erroneously) believe Obama is a Muslim and/or terrorist or because if you don’t vote for McCain, the next president will be, gasp!, a black man.

One thought on “I've had it with the McCain Campaign

  1. Those were disturbing videos but I don’t think they were useful. It seemed more like a herd mentality and people randomly shouting immature things. For example, do you think that by shouting to a group of Rep. supporters that Palin wanted women to pay for their own rape kits, that those people would suddenly change their minds about supporting McCain/Palin? No. Or that someone shouting Obama is a “one-man terrorist cell” is going to change the mind of any Obama supporter? No. It’s all just counterproductive b.s. on both sides, regardless of the information being presented. The only way to ever accomplish productive change is good, healthy dialogue based on fact, not emotion. And it was like the camera man was looking for conflict, which does more harm than good. Sure there are close-minded folks in this world and plenty of them but in the end, we’re all in this together and we shouldn’t do more to divide our already divided country.

    I guess those videos just rubbed me the wrong way. I’m no supporter of McCain/Palin but I’m also no supporter of unproductive arguing and yelling.

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