Think before you speak

I taught in a Catholic high school for eight years before becoming a UU minister. One of my biggest pet peeves was hearing students say something was “gay” when they meant they didn’t like something or something was dumb or silly or ridiculous or didn’t make sense. “Oh, that’s so gay.”

I cringed not only because of the injustice of the negagive labeling, but because every time I heard it, I remembered a less enlightened, younger version of myself using the same phrase the same way as a boy growing up.

I just saw a post from a friend on facebook who works with the GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network)  about a series of ads released by GLESN and the Ad Council. They’re the first Pro-GLBTQA ads and are all based on the saying “That’s so gay”.

You can view them all at Think Before You Speak.

One thought on “Think before you speak

  1. I must say, I had never really thought of my use of that phrase in such a negative light. But I certainly can see the point of the ads and your blog. I guess I will think twice the next time I start to say that.

    I actually had a similar moment of enlightenment with the term “black” for African Americans. I had a professor in college who clued me into why the word “black” was applied to African Americans and I have almost eliminated it from my own usage since then. (Although some African Americans do not like to be referred to in that fashion as well????)

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