The Zen of Mountains and Salt Lake City

I went for a morning walk today around downtown Salt Lake City trying to get a view of the mountains.  Salt Lake City is surrounded by mountains, but you can’t see them from downtown until you reach a break in the buildings that allow you a glimpse of the natural beauty ringing the city.


You can stay in the city and not know, not see, the wonder of the mountains ever present around you.  It’s possible to live your daily life in Salt Lake City oblivious to the environmental panorama.


How often do we live our lives like this?  How often do we miss what’s right in front of our face?  How many times do we fail to recognize what the universe has been trying to show us?  How frequently do we not grasp something that was sitting in our heart and mind, hiding around the corner, behind the landscape of denials and things we’d rather be preoccupied with other than our own truth, realizations and experience?

After the walk it was time to sit down, shut up and be quiet. Again.  Like everyone else, I am a work in progress and my walk was yet another reminder.


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