Congratulations to the Rev. Peter Morales

The Rev. Peter Morales has been elected President of the Unitarian Universalist Association and will succeed the Rev. William J. Sinkford.  Some people are surprised or even shocked that Morales defeated the Rev. Dr. Laurel Hallman. I’m not.  Hallman had a ton of high profile endorsements, but I think endorsements don’t count for much anymore in the world of secular politics and it looks like the same holds true in denominational politics.  It’s as if people feel you are telling them who to vote for instead of making up their own minds.

I’ve heard,  although I haven’t seen the data, that Hallman did better among the early mail-in ballots, but Morales did much better among the delegates present at General Assembly.  That doesn’t surprise me either, as I think the Morales campaign ran a better campaign here at GA (although I didn’t either campaign was all that outstanding at campaigning).  I predicted a Morales victory (and you can check with my church’s office administrator and a Dallas-Fort Worth colleague) yesterday and before dinner tonight.  I’ve heard and seen reports that Morales won by about 600 votes and had just under 60% of the vote.  That was a much bigger margin than I was expecting.

I think the UUA will be fine with President Morales, but I am looking forward to Who’s Next? Already.  And this has nothing to do with Rev. Peter Morales.  I’d be looking forward to Who’s Next with Rev. Dr. Laurel Hallman as president too.  You’re out there. You’re reading this, I hope.  You blog, you podcast, you vlog, you tweet, you facebook, you think email is outdated and you certainly don’t need my endorsement, but I’d work on your campaign, but I’m not marching around GA with a sign.  You know what I mean, that’s why we need you as president.

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