The Sex Act of the Soul

Well, the title of this post grabbed your attention.  Good. Thomas Moore calls conversation “the sex act of the soul.”  This is a conversation where:

each participant plumbs more of their depth. Often, an insight will pop out seemingly from nowhere, to the amazement of the speaker. It is like hitting a vein of pure water that was unknown or hidden, which brings vitality to everyone in the vicinity.

It’s a holy conversation. I will have such a conversation with Rev. Chuck Freeman on Soul Talk Radio this Thursday, September 10 at 2:25 p.m. Central Time (that’s 3:25 Eastern time and on your lunch hour at 12:25 on the west coast).  We’ll be talking health care reform and the response of liberal people of faith. I’m going to bring up my idea that the response of the entire country in general has been like that of an anxious congregation when faced with any major change in their congregational life: But that’s not how we do it around here (cue major anxiety wave).

Listen in to Soul Talk radio’s podcast here:

While you’re waiting for Chuck and I to converse, listen to The MAN, Bill Moyers, give some sage advice to the President on how to rescue Medicare for all and the public option:

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