A Random Act of Kindness

I stopped by a grocery store yesterday to pick up some oranges and some orange candy for a skit I’m doing this Sunday during our Common Ground worship service (wouldn’t you like to know – you’ll have to come by Pathways or wait for the sermon and video).  Anyway, while I was inside the store a random stranger made my day by leaving this note under my windshield wiper in a random act of kindness:


I drive a Honda Civic hybrid.  Ever since I started driving, I’ve had a love for bumper stickers and my partner Tina does not.  A colleague once referred to my last vehicle, also a Honda Civic, as a “billboard on wheels.”  When we moved to Texas about a year ago, I was hesitant to put stickers on the new car, so a friend suggested magnets instead. I bought magnets at a craft store and stuck the bumper stickers to the magnets and put the magnetized stickers on the car.  I was more than a little nervous last fall driving around with my Obama-Biden magnet (an actual magnet from the campaign) in a very, very red Texas county as well as stickers for the human rights campaign ( the = )and other gay rights or equality magnets or stickers, my church at Pathways, and a UU magnet and lately ones that reads “Pro Faith, Pro Family, Pro Choice” that I picked up at our UUA General Assembly last June in Salt Lake City.  I’ve never had any bad reactions or incidents as a result from wearing my opinions on my bumper in Texas, opinions that run counter to the majority here, but I am quite pleasantly surprised that the first reaction I received from them was a positive one. I’m also happy that I’ve chosen to wear these magnets on my car because one of the reasons for doing so is to let people who think like me know they are not alone and as the note proves, I’ve done that in at least one case.

Thanks for letting me know you’re out there, too, whoever you are.

6 thoughts on “A Random Act of Kindness

  1. I wish I could put stickers on my car. I would do so, but I use it to make Sale calls and most of my customers are (red). Most know I am (blue and proud of it) but I hesitate to put that in their face. When I retire I will have them everywhere.

  2. James doesn’t like bumper stickers either but I do. The magnet idea is great. So you haven’t had any magnets stollen? Bumper stickers are great for letting people know that you have certain beliefs and you will Not hide them. Gives others courage to do the same. On another note, I’m seeing quite a lot of anti-Obama stickers too.

  3. I live in Minneapolis, MN and had a van loaded with bumper stickers. I have had people follow me to tell me how much it meant to them to see my van – one woman with tears of joy. It’s a little scary being tailed, but no one I’ve talked to has been mean or icky. Only one caveat – young white men driving gas guzzlers used to speed up and cut me off when I had the “Women make great leaders – you’re following one”.

    On a cold, snowy gray day, someone left me a box of organic chamomile tea.

  4. Tony, what a joy that note would have been for me, too. I increasingly think that we should be wearing our beliefs and our passions on our sleeves, and every other part of us. Including our cars. My wife is anti-bumper sticker, so I submitted. I so longed to wave my flag during the campaign. Next time, I of course will. Viva La Revolucion!

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