I made the news today, Oh boy!

I will admit to the bit of pride I felt when learning that this blog had once again made the Blog Roundup of UU World Magazine for my comments on last issue’s cover story on the Gospel of inclusion.

Here’s my original post.

Here’s what UU World noted about my post:

The Rev. Tony Lorenzen at “Sunflower Chalice” thought everyone should be exposed to the story of “The Gospel of Inclusion,” our Fall cover story. “The first lesson is that of Universalism. It’s a grand lesson to revisit for Unitarian Universalists and a great idea for non-UUs to be introduced to for the first time. A loving God doesn’t send people to hell. . . . The second is the point made by Rev. [Rosemary Bray] McNatt at the Berry Street Lecture (and I paraphrase): UU Culture is keeping us from being multicultural.” (September 8).

Yay me.



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