The Worst President Ever?

Dan Quayle’s son is running for congress in the Show Me Your Papers state. He’s running a new ad wherein he states that he thinks Obama is the “worst president in history.” Really? REALLY? Think what you want, good or ill of Obama, but the worst president in history? James Buchanan?  The pre-stock market crash triplet of Warren (scandal ridden) Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover?  The “I was actually impeached” Andrew Johnson. Potato, Ben, Potato.   I tried not to mention “W” because it sounds so partisan, but “W” does make the list of worst presidents in presidential scholars polls and lists such as this Siena College Presidential Expert Poll, and well, geez, Ben, sins of the father and all – potato.

One thought on “The Worst President Ever?

  1. Frankly I think that to make such a blanket statement not only shows a lack of historical investigation, but also a lack of political skill and personal tact. This type of personal attack appeals mostly to the conservative fringe and it alienates both moderates and liberals. It is extremely dangerous to say something of that nature while 77 percent of liberals and a goodly number of moderates still grade Obama favorably. My personal opinion is that anybody who has to further themselves by attacking someone else is lacking in personal merit and is attempting to compensate. Those who are not capable of standing on their own feet politically in a public forum and deliver a message which can unite all constituents are just “politics as usual” talking heads accomplishing little more than parroting the worst elements of their party.

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