Can God Get Heather’s Attention?

When I was at Harvard Divinity School, the standard joke was “Do you know why God couldn’t get tenure at Harvard? Answer – He only wrote one book and most people claim he didn’t even write that one.  It may prove just as difficult for God to get noticed by the editor of the UU World’s Interdependent Web column.

Heather Christensen, the editor of the UU Blog roundup, The Interdependent Web, published a list of tips and pointers this week on her blog nagoonberry about how to get her attention and get your blog noticed in the UU World’s column of what’s happening around the UU Blogosphere.  Here is her list without her comments:

  1. First and foremost, write well. 
  2. Make sure you’re in UUpdates.  
  3. Know how your blog looks in Google Reader.
  4. Think about how a curator reads.  
  5. Write great titles for your posts.  
  6. I’m a big fan of short paragraphs.
  7. Know what you’re trying to say, and say it clearly, at least once.  
  8. Brevity is the soul of wit.  
  9. Know your flaws.  
  10. Don’t fall into the deadline seam.
  11. Your self-promotion should be (almost) invisible, and thus seem rare.
  12. Join the conversation––if you have something to say.  
  13. Vary your tone.  
  14. Introduce yourself.  

I think I’m doing a decent job.  Sunflower Chalice has been spotlighted in the Interdependent Web column in the past and perhaps will be again.  The bigger question for today is can GOD get noticed by the Interdependent Web?  Here is God’s blog, recently noticed and spotlighted by no less a prestigious publication than the New Yorker magazine:

UPDATE: Pretty pleased with what I’ve come up with in just six days. Going to take tomorrow off. Feel free to check out what I’ve done so far. Suggestions and criticism (constructive, please!) more than welcome. God out.

I don’t know what Heather will think of God’s nascent blog, but the comments are really worth checking out  at

Some of my favorite comments so far  include:


  • The “herb yielding seed” is a hella fresh move. 4:20!
  • The dodo should just have a sign on him that says, “Please kill me.” Ridiculous.
  • Putting boobs on the woman is sexist.
  • Wow. Just wow. I don’t even know where to start. So the man and his buddy the rib-thing have dominion over everything. They’re going to get pretty unbearable really fast. What You need to do is make them think that there were other, bigger, scarier creatures around a long time before them. I suggest dinosaurs. No need to actually create dinosaurs—just create some weird-ass dinosaur bones and skeletons and bury them in random locations. Man will dig them up eventually and think, What the f?
  • and as my son would say, “epic fail, meh.”
I wonder what God’s second post will be?  God couldn’t get tenure at Harvard. I wonder if the Almighty can make the Interdependent Web?  What do you think, Heather?

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