I’ve been asked Just One Question

In “What if God was One of Us?”  the singer asks, “What would you ask if you had just one question? Well My friend David has asked such a question. A question that demands an answer.


My friend David Owen O’Quill has started a new online publishing venture and ministerial presence.  Some of you may know or remember Dave.  He was the founding pastor of Micah’s Porch, what I would call an “emerging” church community in Chicago.

His new project is called The Spiritual Underground (and other deep places) and you can find at www.dare2seek.org.  Dave is a Universalist and he is sending out a massive spiritual and theological rallying cry for Universalism with this project.  In his first post on the new site, he asks one big, disturbing, penetrating question that I dare – no, I double dare all my fellow liberal religionists out there to answer.  The question is this:

“what is it about your faith that the world cannot live without?”

You can’t answer that by discoursing at length on what you don’t believe in or how politically involved you are.  What does the world need desperately? What can’t the world go on without?  What is it that makes you cleave to your faith like Lt. Dan atop the mast of the Jenny?

Here’s my answer: The Love of God.

Dave’s answer is a powerful description of that love and that God. If you haven’t been to The Spiritual Underground yet. Isn’t now the time?  If you tend to go to deep places, put this one on your list.  This is an emerging home of Universalism, a place where the love of God hangs out, and you should, too.

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