I Got Bombed

I got bombed this morning. No, I wasn’t drinking too early on a Sunday.  This morning I received a “Grace Bomb.”  For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a Grace Bomb is a collection of video and audio postings from friends sharing their hearts, thoughts, prayers, and other offerings of support to some one in a time of need.  It is, as the name suggests, an outpouring of grace from people who love and care about you.

I have been grieving since resigning from a congregation in early November.  My journey has grown increasingly missional and I was going in a different direction than the congregation.  I was not prepared for how difficult my leaving would be nor how difficult it would be to find other work, not to mention how difficult it would be denominationally.  I have been through denial and isolation, anger, bargaining and depression. I am only now coming into the acceptance of putting the years I spent at the congregation into perspective.   I have gone through feelings of worthlessness, failure, resignation and hopelessness.
This morning I got an email from a friend and colleague saying I had been grace bombed with a link to a channel on a video posting web site. There I found a bunch of video messages of love, support and encouragement.  All were wonderful. Some were creative endeavors that took time and creativity to produce.  I was overwhelmed.
Tonight I am wondering , what if when ministries are in trouble, or when they end, instead of requiring paper work and bureaucracy, the first thing denominations did was to gather colleagues, and Grace Bomb fellow servants of the holy.  Pastors need pastoring too.
Thanks, grace bombers. May you all continue your graceful assault on all the hearts in your care.

3 thoughts on “I Got Bombed

  1. Wish I’d known–I would have joined in the “bombing.” You are in my thoughts and prayers and I’m always available to be another listening ear, if you need it.

  2. You have meant so much to us during the short time we have known you; I wish I had known about the grace bombing, too. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers.

    carol & bub

  3. I wouldn’t even know how to join in the bombing, so just know that I am sorry not to have known earlier and you are in my low-tech heart. You are and will always be a gift to the ministry and a lighter of fires where they will do the most good.

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