Happy Easter from the UU Christian Fellowship

Happy Easter!  This is my second issue as editor of the UU Christian Fellowship publication “The Good News.”  You can download a PDF version of the issue here:

Easter 2012 issue UUCF Good News.

I am delighted with how The Good News is coming along.  I can’t thank our contributors enough. This issue contains amazing Easter sermons by The Rev. Dawn Cooley and The Rev. David Owen-O’Quill, book reviews by The Rev. Erik Walker-Wikstrom and Joanna Fontaine Crawford as well as prayers by The Rev. Naomi King and poetry by The Rev. David Breeden. The Rev. Marti Keller reflects on Passover and dialog between UU Christians and UU Jews. The Rev. Dr. Xolani Kacela reflects on ministry from the point of view of our UU military chaplains. My deep gratitude also goes out to Gil Guerrero for his tireless efforts with our layout, including his creation of our new look and design.  We are in the earliest stages of forming a Pentecost issue and I hope to bring out issues following the seasons of the Christian liturgical year.  If you like what you read or have any suggestions to make, please be in touch.  Submissions guidelines may be found here:

Submissions guidelines for UU Christian Fellowship publications.

You need not be a member of the UU Christian Fellowship or even a Unitarian Universalist to submit material.  I encourage you to join us in our quest to make The Good News a powerful voice in the progressive Christian conversation.

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