Criminal Justice Reform in Massachusetts

EMIT  – End Mass Incarceration Together is a statewide grassroots all-volunteer working group of the Unitarian Universalist Mass Action Network.  United in the faith of Unitarian Universalism, EMIT is a network of progressive thinkers who put their belief in the dignity and worth of every person into action. EMIT is part of a coalition of groups in Massachusetts that advocate, inform, and act for systematic criminal justice reform.
 Some of their issues include:
  • Build no more new jails or prisons.
  • End all mandatory minimum sentencing.
  • Treat addiction as a health problem, not as a crime. Provide treatment instead of incarceration.
  • Develop a more restorative and less retributive justice system.  See this chart for a brief introduction to the differences between restorative and retributive justice.

For a more extensive list of EMIT’s issues and areas of concern visit their website here.

EMIT is currently asking interested people to write the Judiciary Committee of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and ask them to support a variety of bills that address their concerns.
Here is PDF of EMIT’s  letter to MA State Representatives  they are asking people to sign and send to their representative. Please down load and send to your representative if you live in MA. You may also contact your representative directly via phone or email and express your support for these bills and concern about these issues. You can find a directory with contact information for all members of the General Court here.
Thank you for taking action.

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