Biblical Literacy Resources

My Resources

Getting Started – Some of the basic methods and issues in the historical-critical method of Biblical study.

Notes and Handouts for Bible as Literature

The Historical Backdrop – A brief overview of the Political-Historical setting of the Bible.

The Documentary Hypothesis – Who wrote the Torah?

The Creation Stories – A breakdown of the two creation stories in the first two chapters of Genesis.

Biblical Law Codes – The 10 Commandments and Ancient Near Eastern sources for Biblical law codes.

The Psalms – An introduction to the psalms and Hebrew poetry.

Paul’s Letters – An overview of Saul of Tarsus as a writer of Ancient Greek Letters.

The Canonical Gospels – A slide presentation on the canonical gospels and the different portrait of Jesus found in each being compared to real life champions of truth and justice who resemble each particular gospel’s picture of Jesus.

Around the Web

Bill Moyers’ Genesis -PBS original mini-series that explores the first book in the Bible.

PBS Frontline series From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians – Leading scholars discuss how the Jesus movement became a world-wide religion.

PBS Frontline series Apocalypse – A critical exploration of the Book of Revelation.

Gospel Parallels – This website compares and contrasts the four canonical gospels with the Gospel of Thomas and Paul.

Living the Questions – A resource for progressive Christians.

The Jesus Seminar

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