UU Theology


The Five Smooth Stones of Liberal Religion

Meaning of Communion, a sermon by Scotty McLennan

Bodies of Christ Sermon, a sermon by Carl Scovel

Who Do UU Say That I Am? – An introduction to Jesus for Unitarian Universalists and other progressives.

The Trinity for Unitarians: A Four Part Series on the Christian theology of the Trinity for those who don’t believe in it.

The Six Super Sermons of Unitarian Universalism: This is a fantastic course for adult lifespan faith development created by my friend Mark Richards during a course we took together in UU Religious Education at Harvard Divinity School in the Fall of 2006. The idea behind the course is to have a group of people discuss seven important sermons in the history of Unitarian Universalism and in the process encounter some important theological and historical concepts and events that shaped this religious movement. I teach this course frequently and have added to it and amended it over the years.  I have collected all the sermons together here.

Unitarian Universalists and the Fight for God Talk: Speaking in Rainbow Tongues to a Red and Blue Country. – Essay on why UU’s need to reclaim God talk, the Bible, and theological language in order to have a more powerful voice in theological, cultural and political discourse.

Discovering Our Chosen Faith – A slide presentation using the book Our Chosen Faith as a basis for having small groups reflect on Unitarian Universalism.

Original Blessing – A video explaining the difference between the theological approach grounded in the concept of Original Blessings with the traditional concepts of Fall and Redemption thinking.

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