6 Super Sermons of UU

The Six Sermons of Unitarian Universalism is a fantastic course for adult lifespan faith development.  Three sermons from the 19th century formed the bedrock theology of American Unitarianism.  We will read and discuss these three as well as three sermons illustrative of contemporary 21st century Unitarian Universalism.

1. “Unitarian Christianity” by William Ellery Channing  download PDF

2. “The Divinity School Address” by Ralph Waldo Emerson download PDF

3. “The Transient and the Permanent in Christianty” – Theodore Parker  download PDF

The three sermons by Channing, Emerson and Parker can be found together in the book Three Prophets of Religious Liberalism, edited (and with commentary) by Conrad Wright.


4.  “We Who Believe In Freedom Cannot Rest”  by  Gail R. Geisenhainer

Read: download PDF 



5. “Life Calls Us On” by William G. Sinkford





6.  In All Thy Getting, Get Understanding by Nancy McDonald Ladd

Read: (excerpt) online or download PDF 


Watch (sermon begins at 1:11:50):



2 thoughts on “6 Super Sermons of UU

  1. Margaret Fuller is awesome, but I don’t believe any of her great works are sermons. Although if we are still to include A Treatise on the Atonement, Margaret Fuller has to be included, too.

    Sophia Fahs is central to our historical development in the area of religious education. Her ordination sermon would be an interesting choice if a copy could be found to be made readily available.

    A sermon by Antoinette Brown Blackwell might be included.

    Any sermon from any of the Iowa Sisterhood ministers would be an automatic inclusion in this course. Finding a text that is readily available is the hard part here once again.

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