The Courage to be Uncomfortable

None of us like being uncomfortable.  Our recent frigid weather reminded many of just how much we do not like being cold. Being physically uncomfortable, even on the walk from the house to the car, is not fun.  When we move from being uncomfortable to being in pain, it’s even worse.  Just as we don’t like physical discomfort, none of us like emotional discomfort.  It’s part of being human to protect ourselves from emotional pain just as we protect ourselves from physical pain.  Each of us has developed coping mechanisms, sometimes very unhealthy ones, to keep us from feeling emotional pain. We are addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, food, you name it. We withdraw and don’t communicate or we react in anger.  We employ all manner of defenses and strategies to block out our pain.  We begin to heal and grow when we face the pain and create new, healthier ways to cope with it.  It takes a lot of courage to willingly become uncomfortable for a time in order to lessen the discomfort in the long term.  

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