Beyond the Steamy Novels into Grace – The Passing of Andrew Greeley

A blog post as homily on a rainy Sunday morning in Texas seems a fitting time and place to note the passing this past Thursday of priest, author, and sociologist Andrew M. Greeley.  I try to keep our American fascination with celebrity and celebrities at arm’s length, but

Father Andrew M. Greeley
Andrew M. Greeley

I admit to being a huge Andrew Greeley fan.  I was raised Catholic, first studied theology as a Catholic, and taught theology for eight years in urban Catholic high schools in Massachusetts. I loved Andrew Greeley as a sane progressive voice for American Catholicism.  Although he defended priestly celibacy and the creeds of the Catholic Church, he was an outspoken advocate for women in the church, a positive view of human sexuality, including homosexuality, a critic of autocratic hierarchy especially within the Catholic Church and the Vatican, and a severe critic of the sexual abuses by Catholic priests and the cover up of the abuses by bishops. He was a huge donor to SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests).

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