Yes, there IS bullying in Texas Schools

No. According to both Texas’ schools and the Texas legislature bullying either doesn’t really happen that often or it only happens to gay kids or kids of color or poor kids or weak kids or non athletic kids, so in a sense it’s acceptable because it only happens to the unacceptables among school children. My wife teaches in a local ISD and has had children receive death threats via the Internet, but the response of the school is that such things happen “outside” school and therefore are not the school’s problem.

The latest email from Equality Texas reads in part:

In 2007, the anti-bullying and anti-cyberbullying “Corinne’s Law” was introduced in the Texas Legislature by Rep. Harold Dutton and supported by Equality Texas. The bill died on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives for lack of action. YOU can help stop the madness. Urge passage of House Bill 1323 by Rep. Mark Strama. Take Action. Ask your representative to vote FOR HB 1323. Help stop the madness.

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