Is “Growth” the Unitarian Universalist “Saved”?

Unitarian Universalists are interested in “growth.”  Congregations want to know how to “grow” and the Unitarian Universalist Association as a whole wants to “grow.” The facebook page UU Growth Lab expanded exponentially and has over 1,000 members.  The Unitarian Universalist Association now has “Growth Specialists” on their national staff.   I am a fan of both the UU Growth Lab and our UU Growth Specialists.  I’m not a fan because the lab and the specialists deal with “growth.”  I am fan of the Lab and the Specialists because they discuss ways to energize, revitalize, and renew Unitarian Universalism.  Ironically, or maybe it’s paradoxically, I do not think focussing on “growth” is a particularly good way to do these things.  All too frequently the growth discussion is dominated by numerical growth. Numerical growth means increasing membership and growing involves  attracting more people to our congregations (and our movement) and better ways to advertise, promote, and brand ourselves.   None of this is in and of itself is bad. These are good things for congregations and the UUA to know how to do as effectively as possible.  I want there to be many more Unitarian Universalists too.  Yet, I wonder if we can be doing more than “growing.”

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