The Deaths and Resurrections of Depression

This is my fourth post in a Lenten series where I share reflections as  I read Monica A. Coleman’s new book Not Alone.

Dylan Thomas was wrong. After the first death, there can be plenty of other deaths. Just ask a person living with depression who has died over and over again, falling into the darkness like entering the underworld and then rising from it, resurrected to die again later when the cloud of darkness returns.

Lent is a good time to delve into the topic of depression. Depression is being out in the dessert for 40 days and nights (or longer, much longer). Depression is being crucified.  Depression is like dying. Finally, depression is also resurrection.  Monica A. Coleman points out that there’s a big difference between resurrection and resuscitation.  All those folks who poke fun at Christianity and resurrection by talking about Jesus the Zombie and focussing on the reanimation of dead tissue miss the point entirely.

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