Grateful for voices of sanity in a time of terror

It’s been a week since the bombings in Beirut and Paris.  Like most people, I’m angry and scared. I’m as angry at our country’s reactionary responses to the tragedy as I am at ISIS. I’m as afraid of the violence the bigotry and racism and xenophobia might produce as I am of terrorist violence. Syrians have been fleeing their country by the hundreds  of thousands over the past year to travel to Europe to find refuge. All told, 12 million Syrians have fled violence and war in their country. Half of these are children.  Now, because one terrorist has been connected to a Syrian passport, politicians and pundits  are calling for a ban on Syrian refugees coming to the United States. Some governors,  including Massachusetts’ Governor Charlie Baker, are saying their state will refuse to accept the refugees. I am horrified and ashamed of this response.   Continue reading “Grateful for voices of sanity in a time of terror”