The Drepression Journey: Healing, Wellness, and the Faith of Leaping

This is the 10th in my Lenten series of posts based on Monica A. Coleman’s book about people of faith and depression, Not Alone.

I frequently use a metaphor in my work with church groups that I picked up from my friend Pastor Dave Owen O’Quill that is fitting  during this week of Passover to also use when we talk about how we deal with depression.  Congregations are notorious for not wanting to make any real changes.  They aren’t so much afraid of the changes but the losses that occur when change happens.  Pastor Dave likens this to the Israelites getting out into the dessert and getting scared because things are new, scary, and uncertain and they ask Moses to lead them back to Egypt where at least they had some food.  “Back to Pharaoh” says, Pastor Dave. “They always want to go back to Pharaoh. The Promised Land is too scary.”

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