Easter and Depression: Resurrection is Everything

Happy Easter. This is the last in my series of posts on Monica A. Coleman’s Not Alone. If you’ve been reading along through Lent with this series of posts – You made it! I made it! Death doesn’t have the final word. there’s an eternal hope in the reality that love wins, light wins.  There will be ups and downs again. There will be hellish darknesses again, but today there is light or least the celebration of the reality light is possible and life returns.

Unitarian Universalists deal with this question every Easter, as do most progressive, open-minded people of faith: Is resurrection real? Do you believe in a bodily resurrection? In Unitarian Universalist circles there will always be someone who either seriously or jokingly talks about Jesus the Zombie as if reanimation of dead tissue is the only thing we need to discuss at Easter.  This, as Monica A. Coleman notes, misses the point.  The reality and the point she makes so well in what amounts to an Easter homily in the epilogue of this book is:

 Yes, resurrection does matter— and this is why: For those of us who live regularly or periodically with the threat of death, life matters. A lot.

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