Repair of the Slipper, Repair of the Soul

A week ago, the stitching on one of a favorite pair of slippers let go. I noticed when I nearly stepped out of it while carrying the laundry. “Damn!” I thought, “I need to get some new slippers.” I stepped out of the slippers, put the laundry basket on the bed and began folding the laundry. Then I remembered something. “Wait! I don’t have to throw the slippers away. I can mend it! And I did. Instead of creating trash and spending money on slippers, I kept the slippers and spent a few dollars on a set of needles and various types of thread. This was my first opportunity to take up a new spiritual practice – Mending.

Rev. Tony's mended moccasin style house slipper with repair stitching of a different color and gauge.
My mended slipper.


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