Sunday Morning Coming Down

Cause there is something in a Sunday, makes a body feel alone

And there is nothing short of die’n, half a lonesome as the sound

Of the sleepin’ city sidewalks and Sunday morning coming down

Early Sunday morning, having just checked out my hotel, I sit in an empty cafe section of the convention center in Columbus, OH and as I write the street outside the glass doors comes to life and people steadily stumble into line for coffee.

I usually don’t have time for this type of observation on a Sunday, as it’s a work day for me, being a minister. I am usually up and making coffee and doing a quick sermon review, getting dressed and out the door to church.  But not this morning, This morning I am up early and have a casual breakfast with my oldest friend Hank before he left for the airport. And I sit and I hear Kris Kristofferson’s song in my head.

I am feeling incredibly connected once again to deep center of spirituality and values in which I center my life. I am also feeling as lonesome as the sleeping city sidewalk outside the convention center door.

There were many powerful moments for me this week.  Some were moments of connection and inspiration and hope. Some were lonely and personal and reflective.

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