I with Mournful Tread Walk the Deck my Captain Lies

robin williams

I find myself grieving the loss of actor Robin Williams the way I would a member of my family.  I’ve been puzzled by my own reaction. Like many people, I am a huge fan of his work, especially his more serious movie roles.  But other actors and singers and news makers have died whose work I also admired and I didn’t feel like this  There are people who pay less attention to the world of celebrities and red carpet photos than I do. But not many.  There isn’t much I am less interested in than what movie star is dating what pop singer or what some actress wore to a movie premier. I couldn’t stop thinking about Robin Williams and how it’s affecting me.  So I gave in and pondered and here’s what I’ve got.  Robin Williams death is lodged in my heart because of depression, ministry, aging, and hope.

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