The Other Side of the Pulpit (Interfaith Version)

I went to church this morning as part of my day job.  I was invited to the Southside Church of Christ as the Director of the South Central Alliance of Churches.  The Southside Church of Christ graciously provides the office space for the SCAC.  I have been working in their building for seven months, but any time I was in their sanctuary was when I stole away from my office to meditate at the beginning or the end of the day.
I was one of a number of people invited to be there today, including State Senator Wendy Davis, The Superintendent of the Fort Worth ISD, the Chief of Police of Fort Worth and leaders of local neighborhood associations.  We were all recognized during the call to worship at the beginning of the service and told we didn’t need to speak today, in fact we weren’t going to be allowed to speak.  That got some laughs.  Then we were told that we had been invited so that the congregation could thank us and pray with us and for us for all the good work we do.  It’s been a long time since I have been so warmly welcomed.

The Southside Church of Christ is in the middle of a sermon series for August called “A Light to the City.”  It’s a missional series speaking to what their congregation is called to do in the neighborhood.  The preaching pastor, Steve Cloer, gave an amazing call to mission in the city, and I will recap that, but first I want to share some other impressions of the service.   I let myself encounter and feel how the morning was speaking to me.  I found myself incredibly moved and touched a number of times as all the connections I made with the music, the scriptures, the sermon and the hospitality made it seem like the service was crafted to reach me. Continue reading “The Other Side of the Pulpit (Interfaith Version)”