Resilience and the Spirituality of Change

I have become fascinated recently with trying to understand why some people, communities, and organizations are able to bounce back from the unpredictable difficulties, even tragedies, of life while others can’t ever seem to recover. Having gone through a lot of very difficult life changes in the last couple of years including job loss and divorce, I have put a lot of work into my ability to bounce back, to rebound, to regain footing, and keep going.  My interest in church life and in mission has led me to think about how the ability or inability of a congregation to bounce back from difficulty is intimately tied to its sense of mission – or its lack of mission.  I have come to believe that congregations able to adopt change as a spiritual practice and develop resiliency are more likely to find and carry out a congregational mission than those that fear change and lack the ability to bounce back from difficulties.

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